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Decorative Plywood

'Gattani Ply' Decorative Plywood' is made with special attention and care. It provides a unique opportunity to express your self in designs, colours, shades and textures to match your personality and preference. 'Gattani Ply' decoratives are available exclusively in all kinds of teak shades and patterns and the company has mastery in all kinds of natural and reconstituted designs. 'Gattani Ply' decoratives are made from the finest domestic and imported grain veneers. When used in homes, office, hotels and other interior applications it adds a touch of elegance, giving your interiors a life their very own.


As a result, the range is not only sturdy but aesthetically appealling too.These products also give the ultimate level of assurance of freedom from borer and powder.


Advantage: It increases the aesthetic natural look of any interior work. Group Match and Non-Group Match, One Side Teak or Both Side Teak and so on. Interior furnishing made out of these beautiful and appealling veneers can satisfy the designing dreams with its extreme richness.



Usages: Ideal applications in Panelling Partitions, Furniture, Cupboard etc.

Our Decorative is available in both Natural and Reconstituted forms. Get the latest shade & design that match your personality.


Specified Values as per IS:1328-1996

Open splits, checks or
Open joints

Not more than 150mm in length and 0.5 mm in width
rectified with veneer insert bonded with synthetic resin

Torn grain, dead knots,
Dote, discolouration
and sapwood

Free from such defects


Moisture content
Water Resistance Test

>5, <15
No de-lamination or blister formation



          • Readily be used for interior decoration in furniture of all kinds.
          • Panelling of all kinds & for railway coaches, buses & shops etc.