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PF Plywood (IS 710)

'Gattani PF Plywood' can withstand severe climatic conditions. In order to maintain a good quality standard 'Gattani Ply' and other selected hard wood species follow strict qwuality control of uniformity in thickness of veneers and are bonded with BWP grade of P.F. rersin on forming IS 848 : 1947.Finally it is treated in a Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Plant, using specified quality of preservative to render it resistant to marine organisms.


'Gattani Ply' Marine Ply using best quality core is bonded with BWP grade of P.F. Resin confronting ( IS 848 : 1947 ) and treated with imported preservatives using specified quality to render it resistant to Marine organisms, Saline conditions etc.


Gattani Marine Ply-Boiling Water Proof-IS 710 : All general purpose plywood comes with IS : 303 certifications. Gattani Marine Ply conforms to IS : 710 specifications which is the benchmark for highest grade of water proof ply.



Moisture Content


Glue Shear Strength in dry condition

  a) Individual Min. 1078.7 N
b) Average Min. 1323.9 N

1450 N
1700 N

Tensile Strtength

a) Parallel to grain direction
b) Right angle to grain action

Min. 420 Kgf./cm2
Min. 250 Kgf./cm2
645 Kgf./cm2
395 Kgf./cm2


Application: Sea going and land vessels, computer rooms, partition, panelling, loft flooring, railway coaches lining for refrigerated ships. All weather proof 'Gattani Ply' Marine Ply can be used for high quality interiors and furniture jobs.